Depending on what health & fitness guru you listen to, adults need between 3-5 hours of vigorous physical activity per week. In truth, that minimum number is born out be studies.


An Alternative to the Gym


Have you ever thought about what a waste it is to go to the gym? There's is the membership. There is the gas and time used to drive to the gym (have you ever considered what that annual fuel cost might be or how much wasted time you have used from your relatively short life?). There is the time wasted talking and/or just waiting before a class begins. There is the expense of gym clothes (we all want to look nice right?) And those are just costs without the extras...


A lady we know goes to the gym about 3 times a week. Her trip is usually about 5 miles each way. With waiting for the class, the class itself and some extra routines on her own, she is usually there at least 2 hours. She wears dedicated workout clothes appropriate for the gym. So, her annual "gym" costs are about $156 for gas (based on an economy car getting 30 miles per gallon at $3.00 per gallon); the special gym apparel is probably equal to that; and her gym membership, because she is a woman, is only $5 per month or $60 per year (much more for a man!) Her total costs without the extras like sugar-laden smoothies are probably around $370. However, her biggest loss is in time! Approximately 52 hours just in travel time, 156 hours lost in waiting and non-productive socializing, and don't forget the shopping time for gym clothes.


What if we told you there was a way to skip all of that? 


In the comfort of your own home, you can workout at any time you wish, immediately. When you have the time to fit it into your tight schedule. There's no reason to miss a workout either. And, instead of having a 19-year-old college student as your fill-in instructor you have your choice of the best instructors in the business! And, this wouldn't have to be available just at home either. You could literally take your workout with you anywhere you are going, whether that is a work trip, a vacation to Europe, an RV park or a beach. And, you can have your workout streamed to you on any device from a TV to a laptop to a tablet to even a smartphone.


The cost? Somewhere between what the gym costs alone for a man or a woman. No gas costs. No special clothes costs. No dollars spent on the extras. In return, you will receive literally hundreds of hours of your life back. What price can be put on that?


Has this piqued your interest? Did we say that there is also an absolutely free 2-week trial? Check out what this is like and the type of trainers you will have by watching the video below.


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