The Healthiest Meals!!

Over the past 6 years, we have endeavored to find THE BEST answers to health questions. These meals, now in 9 different varieties, were the first "best" that we found in September of 2011 and led to the establishment of Innovational Health in February of 2012. Today, they are still the absolute best meals that one can have...if a better alternative ever comes along we will change our position and let you know!


Why are these meals the best?


Nutritionally, they are composed of 70 superfoods. No other meal has more than 55 superfoods. Most "healthy" meals have but a few superfoods and many "normal" meals have none. The company that produces the meals has registered them under the trademark: "The Healthiest Meal of the Day." This trademark has gone unchallenged by a government entity or any commercial competitor.


Over 100 doctors have collaborated in videos in support of these meals, without compensation. In these videos, the doctors suggest how substituting one of these meals in place of a less healthy "normal" meal on a daily basis could lead to weight loss, a build-up of your immune system, digestive help and disease prevention. 


Clinical tests of these meals have proven that they can produce weight loss and lower cholesterol which leads to heart disease.


Ray Brown, one of the founders of Innovational Health, started using these meals twice a day in place of regular meals for weight loss and he lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks! But, what he wasn't expecting was that within 10 weeks of starting, he was rid of prostate cancer which had been diagnosed 7 months earlier and for which treatment with radiation had been on-going for the previous 5 months. The doctor treating the cancer was surprised. The radiation protocol was not expected to work that fast. So does that mean these meals cured cancer? Of course not, nothing can "cure" cancer. Could this mean that these meals helped raise Ray's immune system so that conventional cancer treatment could work better? Possibly, in fact, a number of the 100-plus doctors in the videos in support of these meals have predicted that this could be an outcome of taking these meals while being a cancer patient. The attending doctor's comment to Ray was: "I don't know if these meals helped, but if I were you, I wouldn't ever stop taking them." To the present time, Ray has continued consuming 2 of these meals every day and then has one healthy whole foods meal with healthy snacks in between. He has maintained his 40-pound weight loss, he is no longer pre-diabetic, his triglycerides have been reduced significantly and his cholesterol has gone from 255 on statin drugs to 140 off of statin drugs!


Five of the meals derive their proteins from pure whey protein isolate and four derive their proteins from VEGAN sources!


Furthermore, the meals all come with a 30-day money back guarantee. You may consume as many as 30 meals and then decide, for whatever reason, that you do not like the meals in question and get your money back.


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On the "Healthiest Meals" website that you are directed to by clicking on the above button, are the retail prices for the meals. While you may want to try the meals first at these prices, we at Innovational Health feel that the customers that we refer should not have to pay retail. You should be able to pay the same prices that we ourselves pay. If you do decide to purchase these meals please contact us about how to get the best price. Ray's contact information is below.

Should you have any further unanswered questions, like to get links to the videos about these meals described above or just wish to contact Ray, you may do so at: or by calling 702.265.5788

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