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There aren't many things more important than your health. In our information age, there is no reason to leave decisions about your health to others. Our website is designed so you may be informed with current health information and the best solutions.

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The BEST SOLUTIONS are not always the most obvious. Our intention with this website is to bring you the BEST HEALTH ADVICE that our research uncovers. If this advice is not in the "mainstream" but it is proven to be credible, then so be it. You should have that information!


Most of the health solutions we will discuss, we are not affiliated with in any way. We just perceive them to be among the BEST HEALTH SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE and it should not matter whether we receive compensation from them. We feel you should have this information, and to be able to consider it.

The columns below contain health products that we have found to be the BEST in each of their categories. By our choice, these are the key products on the Innovational Health website that financially support our work. On this website, you will only find information on these products in the columns directly below. One way to support our work is to consider these products. All the other health information is available by clicking on the button above. When we highlight a product in the information series, we will try to give you a source for that item whether we are compensated or not. In the interest of integrity, all health information is only done in the BEST interest of our readers.

The Healthiest Meals

80% of health that you can control is all about nutrition. Without proper nutrition, your body's immune system can't function effectively to ward off sickness and disease. Join us as we show you the healthiest food for our bodies...

The Best Workouts

20% of health that you can control is about your activity level. There's the gym, but unless you have a specific physical problem, why waste your time, gas (economically and environmentlly), and your money on gym fees? Here are our ideas...

Innovational Health - Naturally!                                 Our New Health Book (Coming Soon)

After more than a year of countless hours of research, publishing delays, and legal challenges; our new book: Innovational Health - Naturally! is complete. Currently, we have been told to expect a publishing date in 2017. Check back for updates on a book that gives a thesis for our motivation and this website. This book provides valuable health information we all can use every day!

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