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There aren't many things more important than your health. In our information age, there is no reason to leave decisions about your health to others. Our website is designed so you may be informed with current health information and the best solutions.

Health Information

Periodically, we come across articles that are just too good to keep to ourselves. Information we are compelled to tell others, because of how it can dramatically help them and change their lives. On this website, you'll get that information...


The average adult body is 57-60% water and we will perish within days without replenishing it. Yet, what we put in our bodies from water utilities, wells, and plastic bottles is likely contaminated. There is an answer though...


80% of health that you can control is all about nutrition. Without proper nutrition, your body's immune system can't function effectively to ward off sickness and disease. Join us as we go on a search for the healthiest food for our bodies...

Supplements & Herbs

We don't get enough of the proper nutrients into our bodies from the food we eat, no matter how hard we try. All of us probably are deficient in some vitamin or mineral that we don't get from our diet. This is the "why" for supplementation...


20% of health that you can control is about your activity level. There's the gym, but unless you have a specific physical problem, why waste your time, gas (economically and environmentlly), and your money on gym fees? Here are our ideas...

Skin Care

Our environment is a toxic place which can easily harm our skin. Then too, there's the aging process which will create wrinkles and spots. You can deal with these issues safely and naturally without the expenditures and risks of surgery. Here's how...

Innovational Health - Naturally!                                 Our New Health Book (Coming Soon)

After more than a year of countless hours of research, publishing delays, and legal challenges; our new book: Innovational Health - Naturally! is complete. Currently, we have been told to expect a publishing date in 2017. Check back for updates on a book that gives a thesis for our motivation and this website. This book provides valuable health information we all can use every day!

Interested in joining us help others, yourself? Be a Health Coach for your family & friends, no matter where they live.

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